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Certificate of Patent of Utility Model

1. 12/274,362 face recognition apparatus based on even light source, US invention patent.
2. ZL200810067032.8 face recognition system based on ultraviolet light source.
3. ZL200810142437.3 face recognition apparatus based on even light source.
4. ZL200820093731.5 master-slave camera intelligent video monitoring system.
5. ZL200820093732.x red-light runner automatic detection system.
6. ZL200820093733.4 face recognition system based on ultraviolet light source.
7. ZL200820095882.4 door bell system with face detection function.
8. ZL200820146630.X face recognition apparatus based on light source.
9. ZL200910189620.3 statistical system of bus passengers with the aid of video analysis.
10. ZL200910189621.8 anti-trailing system and apparatus based on video people counting statistics.
11. ZL200920204051.0 portable face recognition detector.
12. ZL200920204052.5 human body sensor based on video.
13. ZL200920204053.X net café management system based on face recognition.
14. ZL200920204054.4 surveillance camera with out-of-focus alert function.
15. ZL201020188357.4 video monitoring system based on ATM.
16. ZL201020188358.9 road camera in the sentry box with fatigue detection.
17. ZL201020188359.3 fatigue driving alert system.
18. ZL201020188362.5 anti-theft system based on automobile igniting control by face recognition
19. ZL201020188363.X safe based on face recognition.
20. ZL201020188483.X note anti-counterfeiting detector
21. ZL201020188485.9 monitoring apparatus with view finder obstruction alert setting

Main Products
  • Intelligent Vehicle People Counting Information Terminal Based on the DSP platform, the intelligent vehicle people counting information terminal has 1CH audio output and 4CH video input with the combination of 1CH people counting with 3CH monitoring or 2CH people counting with 2CH monitoring. Furthermore, it also supports the OSD video output.
    With the customized camera, it can also gain accurate statistics at night. The combination of the 3G function and counting server can realize the real time checking of the statics. And the built-in 3G model is used for data transmitter.
  • Intelligent Vehicle DVRThe intelligent vehicle DVR is available with D1, HD1 or CIF resolution and 4CH AV monitoring input and 2CH alarm output.
    It comes with a G-sensor, 1TB hard disk and one SD card.
    Its hardware interface can be optionally 2× RS485, 1×RS232, etc.
    This product supports USB2.0 high speed data backup and Ethernet interface.
    It also has motion detection and watermark functions.