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  • Network/Mobile Phone Video Monitoring Platform Network and mobile phone video monitoring platform is highly centralized and can realize seamless integration with many products. It gives access to all users from any place, and wireless video transmission is also available.
    It is built on Windows NT and MSSQL with an ALL-IN-ONE framework and supports terminals like PC and mobile phone.
    C/S and B/S structure are supported, and the video monitoring, storage, device management ...
  • Intelligent Video Analytics Management PlatformGenerally, the intelligent video analytics management platform contains 3 major parts, intelligent video analytics management (IAM), intelligent analytics unit (IAU) and intelligent client capability (ICC). IAM is used to regulate and manage the whole platform, from exogenous video input, through to intelligent video analysis processing, data link between client, intelligent video analysis and ordinary video platform. IAU is capable of analyzing the needs of the business logic by the IAM and sending relevant analytics result to IAM. And the ICC serves as a medium to transmit the result to the user.
  • Facial Image Comparison PlatformFacial image comparison platform extracts facial image features and sends them to back-end facial image database for a real-time comparison so as to identify similar information. It can be applied for security protection in bank, airport, port, custom, jewelry store, etc., store VIP client identification, government department, such as police, prison, state, and judiciary, etc. as well as for people searching since the facial images of missing people can be directly compared with those stored in the database.
  • WISECOUNT Web Traffic Analysis SystemThe Wisecount web traffic analysis system is designed for checking, counting and analysis statistics of the collected visitor flow data so as to form a flow curve chart and flow distribution of each area within a certain period. In addition, it can transfer the pos data to the system for horizontal and vertical analysis of Pos data and visitor flow data, which enables users to get their desired strategic data.

The cloud computing service application platform is specially designed to probe into the deep information of front-end products. It includes network video monitoring platform, intelligent video analysis platform, face recognition image comparison platform, wisdom store management platform and face recognition application management software. And the last one can be further categorized into time attendance software, pre-school picking up management system, visitor management software, examination room management software, meeting sign management software and access control management software.

FIRS Technologies (Shenzhen) is a professional cloud computing service application platform manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide a vast array of products, including anti sleep driving alarm, 3D intelligent video analyzer, intelligent video analytics management platform, and more.

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Other Products
  • Driver Fatigue Analysis Alarm DeviceOn the basis of the DSP platform, the driver fatigue analysis alarm device makes an intelligent analysis of the fatigue degree of the driver with 1CH video input. Its verification frequency is much higher with 10 times per 1 second continually. And the analysis result can be optionally stored in the server or transmitted to the third-party by virtue of the middleware. And the whole intelligent analysis process of recording documents can be presented by the player of our own company.
    The driver's eyes are automatically located to detect the status. And relevant parameters can be manually set with great flexibility or by SMS via wireless network.
  • Dynamic License Plate Recognition DeviceOur dynamic license plate recognition device can conduct real time intelligent analysis, with the result either stored in the server or provided to third-party via middleware. Furthermore, the intelligent analysis of recording documents can be displayed by means of the player of our company.
    The detected vehicle speed is less than 140Km/H and the license plate capture speed is lower than1s.
    This product also provides standardized SDK interface protocol and can achieve two-way communication via interfaces, such as RJ45 and RS232/485.