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To cater for increasing demands for face recognition in a comprehensive range, our company has been committed to developing a series of face r recognition management software, including time attendance software, preschool picking up system, visitor management system, examination room management software, meeting sign management software as well as access control management software.

As an experienced face recognition management software manufacturer based in China, FIRS Technologies (Shenzhen) offers a comprehensive range of products that including intelligent vehicle video DVR, intelligent high definition video transcoder, facial image comparison platform, and more.

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  • Network/Mobile Phone Video Monitoring Platform Network and mobile phone video monitoring platform is highly centralized and can realize seamless integration with many products. It gives access to all users from any place, and wireless video transmission is also available.
    It is built on Windows NT and MSSQL with an ALL-IN-ONE framework and supports terminals like PC and mobile phone.
    C/S and B/S structure are supported, and the video monitoring, storage, device management ...
  • Intelligent Video Analytics Management PlatformGenerally, the intelligent video analytics management platform contains 3 major parts, intelligent video analytics management (IAM), intelligent analytics unit (IAU) and intelligent client capability (ICC). IAM is used to regulate and manage the whole platform, from exogenous video input, through to intelligent video analysis processing, data link between client, intelligent video analysis and ordinary video platform. IAU is capable of analyzing the needs of the business logic by the IAM and sending relevant analytics result to IAM. And the ICC serves as a medium to transmit the result to the user.