Examination Room Management Software

Our examination room management software, based on the face recognition technology and ID card verification technology, can timely and effectively identify examinees and check the records during examination. This is good for prevention of dishonest behaviors, like cheating, teicoplanin, etc., thus creating a sound examination atmosphere.

FIRS Technologies (Shenzhen) is an experienced examination room management software manufacturer in China. Apart from face recognition management software, we also provide WISECOUNT web traffic analysis system, facial image comparison platform, 3D intelligent video analyzer, and more.

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Other Products
  • Access Control Management SoftwareWorking together with our door access controller, this access control management software supports many management modes such as access with time limit, multi-level authorization, multi-method identification, union control, etc. to meet different application needs in different places. The open design structure makes this product easily adapted to various fields and situations. And a great number of people can be registered at the same time. This product is suitable for community and building security, and can also be used in places such as prisons, vaults and airports as well.
  • Time Attendance SoftwareDeveloped in view of our rich industrial experience, the time attendance software supports limited access, multilevel authorization and verification, union control management method to help customers enhance management level. It obtains the time attendance data via linking TCP/IP with the face authentication device. This time attendance software encompasses all the functions of conventional type of products, including information editing, scheduling, attendance statistics, output and printing of XSL and PDF report, etc. By using this product, the seemingly complicated time attendance management ...