Visitor Management System

Without tedious certificate register, IC card and visitor voucher management, this visitor management system takes face as the only identification for visiting. It adopts advanced computer technology to shorten the registration time and speed up the record of the visitor's information. The face recognition module also enhances the identification accuracy. Thus, it can strengthen the safety management for companies, communities and mansions.

Integrating the second-generation ID card reader and certificate scanner into one, this visitor management system seems to be smaller and more beautiful. And it is a real automatic digital recognizer of many kinds of certificates. The scanner, adopting OCR recognition technology, realizes the integral design of OCR reading and identification. Our product can directly read second-generation ID card without any contact, and many other certificates. Besides, taking advantage of scientific management method, it allows administrator to query, analyze, and print data at any time. With specially designed double-camera structure and a 3-inch color LCD touch screen, this product can provide you with professional and considerate service.

As a China-based visitor management system manufacturer and supplier, FIRS Technologies (Shenzhen) also offers face recognition time attendance machine, portable facial recognition terminal , intelligent vehicle video information terminal ,and , among others.

Visitor Management System
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Other Products
  • Meeting Signing in Management SoftwareThis meeting signing in management software is also capable of dealing with signing in operation for a great number of people. Meanwhile, by adopting our independently-developed Face Image+V4.0, it features accurate analysis of facial characteristics and face capture and recognition when the participants are signing in. Face is a distinctive factor to recognize a person and can not be fabricated. Therefore, this product can greatly improve the effectiveness of the meeting management.
  • Access Control Management SoftwareWorking together with our door access controller, this access control management software supports many management modes such as access with time limit, multi-level authorization, multi-method identification, union control, etc. to meet different application needs in different places. The open design structure makes this product easily adapted to various fields and situations. And a great number of people can be registered at the same time. This product is suitable for community and building security, and can also be used in places such as prisons, vaults and airports as well.