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WISECOUNT Web Traffic Analysis System

The Wisecount web traffic analysis system is designed for checking, counting and analysis statistics of the collected visitor flow data so as to form a flow curve chart and flow distribution of each area within a certain period. In addition, it can transfer the pos data to the system for horizontal and vertical analysis of Pos data and visitor flow data, which enables users to get their desired strategic data. Based on the data, the users can properly conduct staff transfer, merchandise allocation, campaigns, performance assessment and strategy making, resulting in more efficient operation management.

The system is now widely used in supermarket for people counting, public transportation areas for passenger number statistics, mines for miners or people in/out worksite counting, tourist field for visitors counting and control, etc.

People Counting System Architecture

1. The Wisecount web traffic analysis system provides real time passenger flow distribution, which facilitates the statistic analysis of the real time passenger flow on that day.
2. It offers people counting function, which can collect the passenger flow of each area and channel, including any period, time interval, daily, weekly, as well as monthly and yearly passenger flow.
3. It can compare and analyze the passenger flow of the same area and channel over the different period, including the daily, weekly and monthly passenger flow.
4. The system can analyze and compare passenger flow data of each stage, including annual sales, monthly sales, and period sales. Sales weather analysis and POS data management can also be achieved.
5. The information is reliable as the real time data changes based on the actual condition
6. The product offers high report flexibility. Hour, daily, weekly, monthly, quarter and annual reports are available.
7. The traffic analysis system provides a variety graphics, including column, pie and graph forms, according to analysis requirement.
8. It can be integrated with POS or ERP system to achieve powerful statistic analysis and decision support capabilities.
9. Independent statistical analysis chart for each channel or area is available.
10. The system supports many operations, like chain store data uploading, central analysis, unified management, networking enquiry and remote login by internet.
11. Long term data analysis can guide future business development.
12. The traffic analysis system can set automatic alarm to avoid accident. Multilevel security password helps ensure system stability and data safety.

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