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Facial Image Comparison Platform

Facial image comparison platform extracts facial image features and sends them to back-end facial image database for a real-time comparison so as to identify similar information. It can be applied for security protection in bank, airport, port, custom, jewelry store, etc., store VIP client identification, government department, such as police, prison, state, and judiciary, etc. as well as for people searching since the facial images of missing people can be directly compared with those stored in the database.

1. The data of the facial image comparison platform are from divergent sources, like mobile phone, photo scanning, etc. And the located facial image can be directly compared with those in the database.
2. And the identification and comparison speed, greatly counting on the template qualification, is generally 5~3,000,000 per second. Moreover, face template is capable of automatic updating.
3. Different photo formats are acceptable, such as, BMP, JPEG, TIFF, GIF, FIC, etc. and the photo can be in white or black color. Highly accurate, our product can provide 20 photos of 98% similarity for secondary analysis.
4. This facial image comparison platform also supports remote access management, and can automatically identify target persons.
5. It can work in various environments regardless of influencing factors, such as race, color and gender, facial expression, beard and hair.
6. Our product is easy to operate.

As a specialized facial image comparison platform manufacturer and supplier in China, FIRS Technologies (Shenzhen) also provides WISECOUNT web traffic analysis system, visitor management system, and portable facial recognition terminal, among others.

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