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Generally, the intelligent video analytics management platform contains 3 major parts, intelligent video analytics management (IAM), intelligent analytics unit (IAU) and intelligent client capability (ICC). IAM is used to regulate and manage the whole platform, from exogenous video input, through to intelligent video analysis processing, data link between client, intelligent video analysis and ordinary video platform. IAU is capable of analyzing the needs of the business logic by the IAM and sending relevant analytics result to IAM. And the ICC serves as a medium to transmit the result to the user.

With multi-intelligent analytics functions, the latest intelligent video analytics management platform is especially designed for large-scale video surveillance management system, new construction project management as well as the upgrading of existing projects. Also, it can upgrade your original video monitoring system.

1. The intelligent video analytics management platform adopts distributed IP network structure, and supports C/S and B/S.
2. Moreover, standard definition signal (DVR/DVS) and HD signal (IP Cam) are both acceptable.
3. Powerful enough, this product allows multiple videos to be analyzed with one kind of intelligent analytics function while single video with several.
4. Video source is transmitted by the front-end device to the back-end server for intelligent analysis.
5. Intelligent analytics functions lead to different analytics results incorporating real-time alarm, SMS reminder, sound and flash alarm, email alert, a variety of analytical data output, photo output, detection logos, reports, E-map, etc.
6. Moreover, the intelligent analytics functions of this product can be listed as follows.
a. Face Identification System
b. Facial images comparison system
c. Perimeter Intrusion Detection
d. Illegal Parking Detection
e. Camera Health State Detection
f. Loitering Detection
g. Dynamic License Plate Capture
h. License Plate Recognition
i. Objects Disappear Detection
j. Suspicious Object Detection
k. Face Detection and Capture
l. People Density Detection
m. People Counting
n. Footfall Counting
o. Vehicle Retrograde Detection

FIRS Technologies (Shenzhen) is a professional intelligent video analytics management platform manufacturer, based in China. We also offer network/mobile phone video monitoring platform, WISECOUNT web traffic analysis system, meeting signing in management software, and more.

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