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Network/Mobile Phone Video Monitoring Platform

Network and mobile phone video monitoring platform is a latest telecom class product designed for monitoring and management of the videos. With advanced network architecture and mode, this product can be well integrated with the wired and wireless networks so as to achieve intelligent video monitoring, video data storage management, remote video browsing, mobile phone video monitoring, alarm and other functions. Furthermore, it has exceptional stability and compatibility.

1. Network and mobile phone video monitoring platform is highly centralized and can realize seamless integration with many products. It gives access to all users from any place, and wireless video transmission is also available.
2. It is built on Windows NT and MSSQL with an ALL-IN-ONE framework and supports terminals like PC and mobile phone.
3. C/S and B/S structure are supported, and the video monitoring, storage, device management, transmission and access can be achieved in one.
4. Each server permits 400-image browsing and the storage of 128CH CIF image, and supports local storage device (IDE or SCSI) and network attached storage (NAS).
5. Our product supports distributed storage and the number and location of storage server are not limited. Thus further expansion for storage like adding HDD is convenient. And now each storage server is capable of managing videos from more than 4000 cameras.
6. Backup for specified HDD, NAS and magnetic tape can be executed at user-set time. What is more, end-to-end data encryption based on DES/3DES/AES provides high security during transmission.
7. According to the network condition of the server, different bandwidth is set, thus bandwidth can be well distributed and the number of videos browsed by the users is also restricted. Meanwhile, high-level user can take up the bandwidth of the lows, and users of the same level obey the rule – first come, first served. Also, network multicast function is also available to ease the network.
8. All authorized users can view video and video playback simultaneously owing to the scalable structure.
9. Management and monitoring can be achieved by LAN/WAN or even Internet, which makes our product very flexible for applications.
10. It has a real end-to-end distributed IP network, and can cut down the cost of cable paving and maintenance.
11. With the help of software development agreement and software development kit, the network/mobile phone video monitoring platform can integrate with other security and information management systems. Due to the outstanding functions such as powerful data browse, efficient data query and professional data linkage, you can get extra value in your application.

As a China network/mobile phone video monitoring platform manufacturer, at FIRS Technologies (Shenzhen) we also offer facial recognition access control system , driver fatigue analysis alarm device , facial image comparison platform, and more.

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