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Intelligent Internet of Things Gateway (IOT Gateway)

The intelligent Internet of Things gateway is a professional general IOT wireless data gateway. It has the ability of long-distance CDMA/GSM communications and of access to local short-distance wireless network in compatibility with a vast majority of 433ASK anti-theft alarm sensor, RFID reader, FSK433 access device of our own company, as well as of access to wired sensors, like RS232.RS485, Wiegand, RJ45, etc. This product can be widely used for remote data transmission.

The intelligent Internet of Things gateway is a professional intelligent device. Its whole system offers an overall demonstration of perception, network and application layers in the three-tier structure. It receives instructions from the general ability platform and mobile phone client and then executes them so as to give control over relative devices and meanwhile achieve intercommunications. In turn, it will take initiatives to regularly upload relevant data to the general ability platform and mobile phone client in accordance with certain configurations.

1. General Ability Platform
It receives data from intelligent IOT gateway and sends back to 3rd application platform after process these data. And instructions from general ability platform and 3rd application platform are transmitted to the intelligent IOT gateway.

2. Mobile Phone and Mobile Phone Client
The mobile phone can receive data, and alarm of the intelligent IOT gateway and meanwhile inspect the working state. And then the instructions are sent to the mobile phone client for further management and setting. by SMS , the mobile phone client can set parameter, location and given working mode of the equipment and gain current information. Meanwhile, it can intercept and capture data, alarm, and warning information.

Application Topology Diagram

1. The intelligent Internet of Things gateway supports GSM850, 900, 1800 or 1900MHz. And the network can be EDGE, GPRS or GSM.
2. It supports the Bluetooth 2.1 standard. And optionally connected with Bluetooth adapter, it can acquire various data and can alarm and report relevant information to the background if there is an abnormal.
3. Supporting the 2.4G RFID of our own company, this product allows external connection with RFID TAG and some proprietary devices. Moreover, the RFID can realize safe automatic arming or disarming functions. It can also be dynamically supplied to occasions as a proprietary identity.
4. As a supporter of FSK433 standard, the intelligent Internet of Things gateway can be optionally equipped with FSK433 short distance devices or sensors for intrusion detection, spot alarm, remote alarm, urgent call, etc.
5. It also has GPS locating function. If the GPS location information is in need, the GPS positioning system will instantly provide it to relevant entities.
6. The mobile phone client communication and the communication between GPRS channel and general ability platform are also supported to gain the configuration, control and relevant information of the equipment.

External Connection
1. TAG Intelligent RFID TAG
2. FSK433 Emergency Button
3. FSK433 Oxygen Density Detector
4. FSK433 intrusion Detection Sensor
5. FSK Security Alarm Sensor (infrared, CO, Gas, Multi-infrared Beam, etc)


Gateway System Expansion

1.Iphone Client


FIRS Technologies (Shenzhen) is a specialized intelligent internet of things gateway (IOT gateway) manufacturer and supplier based in China. Our company also provides facial recognition door lock, door access controller, driver fatigue analysis alarm device, and more.

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