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X8000‐PC People Counting
X8000‐AB AB Door Alarm
X8000‐TH Trajectory Tracking & Hotspots Analysis

The 3D SENSOR algorithm can help the 3D intelligent video analyzer improve both the people counting and trajectory tracking accuracy to a great extent. Furthermore, on the front end of the 3D SENSOR is ASUS XTION PRO / XTION PRO LIVE sensor. And one 3D intelligent video analyzer can simultaneously supports 2 front-end sensors.

Descriptions of Each Model
1. 3D People Counting in Supermarkets or Stores

The people counting accuracy can be significantly enhanced by use of the 3D sensor.
a. Installation Height: 2.8M~4.5M
b. Maximum Effective Area: 3M × 2.5M
c. Accuracy: >98%

2. Bus 3D People Counting
3. Trajectory Tracking & Hotspots Analysis

3D SENSOR can greatly improve the trajectory tracking accuracy and head detection accuracy. Therefore, this product can be used for trajectory tracking & hotspots analysis in a small area.

FIRS Technologies (Shenzhen) is a 3D intelligent video analyzer manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer a comprehensive range of products, including intelligent vehicle video information terminal, dynamic license plate capture device, 3D intelligent video analyzer, and more.

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    User-friendly, this product uses the patent non-visible auxiliary light. Meanwhile, the exclusive and advanced facial image +V4.0 recognition algorithm is employed to ensure operation speed and users' security.
  • Face Recognition Time Attendance TerminalOur face recognition time attendance terminal supports multiple identification methods.
    The adoption of the powerful SDK allows two-way data interaction and auto uploading function.
    Supporting the GPRS data transmission, this product has optional TCP/IP, USB communication interfaces for multi applications.
    Its embedded face monitor software allows for on-site and remote (optional) video monitoring.
    This product is fitted with a buzzer, body sensor and anti-disassembly security alarm.