3D People Counting Camera

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3D People Counting Camera

This is a self-contained intelligent video sensor, which is an IP addressable, onboard processing and data storage terminal with two camera lenses, creating a 3D representation with its stereo camera.

Key Features
1. Thanks to the stereo advantage, the 3D people counting camera achieves high accuracy, which is up to 95 % in the standard environment.
2. Thanks to its all-in-one design, there is no need to add too many devices, thus reducing costs.
3. The people counting camera has a robust metric set. More applications in one terminal are available.
4. Featuring fast and intuitive configuration, the device is easy to install and use.
5. In addition to the number of shoppers, the terminal provides more useful information, like dwell time, location, etc.
6. It allows remote deployment and supports, easy to maintain.

As an experienced3D people counting camera manufacturer and supplier in China, FIRS Technologies (Shenzhen) provides a wide range of products that includes face recognition time attendance system, facial recognition door lock, intelligent people counting device, and more.

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