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The intelligent high definition video transcoder employs the high-performance CPU whose algorithm is theoretically 10 times than that of the embedded CPU. This has significantly enhanced the performance of this product, thus expanding the application scope.

X6000 Normal Transcoder
X6000‐FC HD Face Capture
X6000‐PI Perimeter Alarm
X6000‐LP Dynamic License Plate Capture

1. HD Face Capture

Using the high definition camera for face capture will incredibly improve the width of capture scope and the face definition. Coupled with the face comparison platform, this scheme can meet the demands for recognition of VIP, blacklist, etc.
This product is usually found in airport, train station, commerical plaza, passenger station, etc.
2. HD Perimeter Alarm (FIV)

1). Process 1CH 1080P or 2CH 720P photo image high definition transcoder.
2). 2CH 3D sensor is used to achieve passenger statistic function for intelligent commercial data statistic.
3). The result can be directly transmitted to back-end server to extract effective data.
4). Effective picture or video information can be extracted from all video and image formats for intelligent analysis.
5) The intelligent high definition video transcoder is widely used for commercial, security and perimeter prevention applications.

We are a professional intelligent high definition video transcoder manufacturer in China. We also provide face recognition time attendance machine, intelligent video analysis, driver fatigue analysis alarm device and much more.

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