Dynamic License Plate Capture Device

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Dynamic License Plate Capture Device
Technical Specifications
Model No. MA1304CIS-LP (License Plate)
Processor TI6446
Video Function Video Input 4CH BNC 1.0VPP 75 Ohms 2CH OSD output (optional)
Video Standard PAL
Video Solution CIF: 352 × 288
Audio Function Audio output 1CH
Intelligent Function Intelligent application LPR
Intelligent Configuration and Display Intelligent analytics result display real time
Intelligent Result Store in the middleware or provided to third-party to identification
Intelligent Record It can play video documents including intelligent representation.
Hardware Interface Power Interface Input DC +8V~+36V, output +12V/2A, +5V/2A
Alert Input / Output 4CH I/O two-in two-out
RS485 / RS232 1 ( 300 ~ 9600bps ) / 1(9 600/115200bps)
Ethernet 10/100M self-adapting (supports TCP/IP, HTTP ,UDP,SMTP, NTP)
USB Host / SD Card Support
Reset Key Reset/Factory Setting
System Functions 3G communication Built-in WCDMA module, support GPS
Mobile Phone Client Driver ID register and verification
WEB Browsing Embedded WEB service supports IE browsing with synchronous configurations, upgrading and time.
SDK Interface SDK can be used for the interfacing of third-party system.
Platform  streaming media server
Player Video record and intelligent can be display
Storage & backup Function Storage Modes Front-end storage
Storage Medium SD(SDHC) /4G~32G, USB( FAT32)/2G~2T
Record mode Automatic, Dynamic detecting, alarm
Record cover mode Full circulation cover, full stop video
Infrared remote Infrared remote controller support
AV Out control menu support
Others Environments/Standards Working temperature (-20~55 ℃), working humidity < 85% RH

1. Dynamic license plate capture device, as the name shows, is used to recognize the license plate. The vehicle information and the license plate are automatically delivered to the server by the 3G.
2. It supports abundant hardware interfaces such as RS232/485, RJ45, USB and SD.
3. The standard SDK interface protocol makes the integration of other vehicle equipment easier.
4. The player from our own company is used to present the intelligent analysis of the recording documents. And the result can be optionally stored into the server or transmitted to a third party by means of the middleware.
5. Owing to the DSP platform, our dynamic license plate capture device altogether 4 CH video input, with 1 CH intelligent function and 1CH monitoring or 1CH intelligent function and 3 CH monitoring.
6. Working in 8 to 36 V voltage, this product suits for various environments.
7. Furthermore, mobile applications are available with the vehicle environment optimized.

The dynamic license plate capture device can be extensively found in vehicles such as bus, long-distance passenger vehicle, taxi, dangerous cargo truck, or locations such as sentry, guard room, for detecting and pre-warning the fatigue status of a person to disperse possible dangers.

FIRS Technologies (Shenzhen) is an experienced dynamic license plate capture device manufacturer in China. Our company provides a wide range of products, including face recognition time attendance terminal, portable facial recognition terminal, anti sleep driving alarm, and more.

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