Area People Counting Terminal

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Area People Counting Terminal

1. Integrating video collection and area people counting device into one, the area people counting terminal is easy to install with no need of additional device.
2. The embedded area people counting algorithm ensures high accurate area people counting.
3. The inner web server gives an access for users to history data via the IE.
4. Our product can timely monitor the appointed area through the IE or network video monitor platform. This helps operators with an effective arrangement.
5. The area people counting terminal has the synchronized time with the server, which makes the query more convenient and accurate.
6. Directly upgraded through the network, it is easy and convenient to maintain.
7. It can provide users with the real-time video monitoring, being linked with our own VMS monitor platform.

Our product can be applied in bank, prison or AB door for anti-follow use and the sites with door control system needing more than one person to open, such as bank coffer and safe box.

Technical Specifications
Model No. DS1001CIT
Device Composition Integrative
Operational Platform Embedded DM6446
Video Compression Format MPEG-4/H.264
Network Transmission TCP/IP
Interfaces RS-485, RS232, RJ45, IO
Storage Front-end SD card/USB hard disk
Cameras 1.7 mm embedded, 2.5mm backup, resolution 640×480
Device Management Function Embedded Web Server, USB/network interface data importing and exporting
Adaptable Working Environments. 0℃ ~ 55℃, humidity ≤95%, without condensation
Synchronization Functions Synchronized with the SERVER
Detected Visitor Flow Speed < 20m/S
Monitoring Reaction Speed < 1s
Working Voltage 12V DC
Working Current 800mA
Power 8.6W
Exterior Size Diameter 163 mm, Height 46mm

FIRS Technologies (Shenzhen) is a China area people counting terminal manufacturer and supplier. We provide various types of products such as intrusion detection alarm system, people counting camera, facial image comparison platform, and more.

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