Intrusion Detection Alarm System

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Intrusion Detection Alarm System

Intrusion detection alarm system is able to automatically detect the unauthorized actions of overstepping, entering or exiting forbidden zone, retrograde and wandering with the assistance of the video and pre-alarm.

Technical Specifications
Model No. DS1202CIS
Processor TI6446
Video Function Video Input 2 BNC 1.0VPP 75 Ohms
Video Input Standard PAL(625Line, 50f/s)
Hardware Interface Power Interface Rated voltage and current DC12V/2A
Alert Input / Output 4CH I/O two-in two-out
RS485 / RS232 1 ( 300 ~ 9600bps ) / 1 (9 600/115200bps)
Ethernet 10/100M self-adapting (supports TCP/IP, HTTP and UDP), optional built-in 3G modules (support WCDMA, EV-DO, TD-SCDMA)
USB Host /SD card Support
LED Run/Status/Channels & Intelligence
Secure Dialing The system can be upgraded by software in security mode when there is failure.
Reset Key Reset/Factory Setting
System Functions Client It is simple and easy to manage multiple devices.
WEB Browsing Embedded WEB service supports IE browsing with synchronous configurations, upgrading and time.
SDK Interface SDK can be used for the interfacing of third-party system.
Player It can play video documents including intelligent representation.
Storage Function Storage Modes Front-end Storage
Storage Medium SD(SDHC) /4G~32G, USB( FAT32)/2G~2T
Others Environments/Standards Working temperature (-20~55 ℃), working humidity < 85% RH, lightning protection, surge protection, CCC, EMC, infrared remote controller, AV Out Control-menu, optional OSD overlaid intelligent video information for AV out

1. The intrusion detection alarm system detects the intrusion based on the DSP platform and 2CH video inputs. By intelligent video analysis, it can pre-alarm the intrusive actions.
2. It can operate around the clock in an automatic mode and also support the analog camera or digital video streaming as an option.
3. The local IO output is provided for local and remote alarming.
4. The intelligent analysis of recording documents can be displayed via FIRS player. And the result is checked in real time to mark out and track the detected targets, and can be either stored in the server or transported to a third-party by virtue of a middleware.
5. There is a group of hardware interfaces, like RS232 / 485, RJ45, USB, SD, etc.
6. This product can be upgraded directly through the network, thus bringing you easy and convenient maintenance.
7. The standard SDK interface protocol also makes easy integration of equipment.

Working Diagram

With 24-hour incessant detection and pre-warning performances, this intrusion detection alarm system is suitable for places which need protection against perimeter intrusion, such as residence, villa, factory, jetty, warehouses, campuses, enterprises, military base, etc.

As a specialized intrusion detection alarm system manufacturer and supplier in China, FIRS Technologies (Shenzhen) also provides portable facial recognition terminal, area people counting terminal, and car alarm, among others.

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