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Dynamic Face Capture Device

Based on visible light recognition technology, the dynamic face capture device is able to automatically capture facial images from video scene. Then, these captured faces are analyzed in a digital model to figure out the facial characteristics. Afterwards, the result is transmitted to the back-end face comparison system (optional) via network.

Technical Specifications
Model No. DS1202CIS-FC
CPU TI6446
Intelligent Function Face Capture Capture of facial images in statistics section
Intelligent Configuration & Display Checking statistic data in real-time way. The captured face is marked with blue frame in video.
Intelligent Result Stored in the middleware or provided to a third-party for identification.
Intelligent Recording Intelligent analysis result is displayed by the player of our own company.
Capture Standard Traffic Speed < 20m/s, Statistic Speed < 1 s
Video Compression Standard H.264
Video Function Video Input 2 BNC 1.0VPP 75 Ohms
Video Standard PAL(625Line, 50f/s)
Resolution CIF: 352×288 D1720×480
Power Interface Rated voltage and current DC 12V/2A
Hardware Interface Alert input/output 4 CH I/O two-in two-out
RS485 / RS232 1 (300 ~ 9600bps) / 1 (9600/115200bps )
Ethernet 10/100M self-adapting (supports TCP/IP, H TTP, UDP), Optional inner 3G modules (Support WCDMA, EV-DO, TD-SCDMA)
USB Host / SD Card Support
LED Run / Status / Channel & Intelligent
Security Dialing The system can be upgraded by software in security mode when there is failure.
Reset Key Reset/Factory Setting
Clients It is simple and easy to manage multiple devices.
System Functions WEB Browsing Embedded WEB service supports IE browsing with synchronous configurations, upgrading and time.
SDK Interface SDK can be used for the interfacing of third-party system.
Platform FSV is ion Video Monitoring Platform Software optional.
Player It can play video documents including intelligent representation
Video Recording and Backup Function Recording mode Auto and dynamic checking, alert, Circulate recording
Recording Medium SD(SDHC) /4G~32G , U SB( FAT32)/2G~2T
Environments/Standards Working temperature (-20 ~55 ℃ ), working humidity < 85% RH, lightning protection, surge protection, CCC, EMC, infrared remote controller, AV Out Control-menu

1. The dynamic face capture device is equipped with DSP equipment for stable operation. And it is compatibly linked with the analog camera via BNC interface.
2. It can effectively capture the facial images and make an automatic analysis of them in natural light.
3. This product features fast capture speed with 8pcs facial images per 1 second.
4. It makes automatic detection of faces from video scene and then transmission of these captured facial images to the back end. And it is exceptionally workable with back-end face comparison system and supervised facial arming system.
5. The entire intelligent analysis of these facial images can be inspected in real time and the result can be either stored in the server or transmitted to a third party via the middleware. Also, recording files can be displayed by the player produced by our own company.
6. In addition to the conventional video monitoring function, this dynamic face capture device carries out automatic detection of faces, taking in and record the facial images for the purposes of face searching and black and white list comparison.
7. This product supports a great number of hardware interfaces such as RS232/485.RJ45.USB.SD.
8. The standard SDK interface protocol makes equipment integration much easier.

1. City security management in places, such as station, subway, airport, custom, hotel, ATM, etc.
2. Stranger face verification alarm system in residence, school, financial department, important administrative department, and so on.
3. VIP visitors face recognition system in senior shop, clubs, building and commercial places, etc.

System Configuration

System consists of front-end (Face Capture Device) + backend comparison systems.

FIRS Technologies (Shenzhen) is a professional dynamic face capture device manufacturer, based in China. We offer a broad range of products, including intelligent people counting device, IP door access controller, face recognition time attendance terminal, and more.

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