Intelligent People Counting Device

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Intelligent People Counting Device
Technical Specifications
Model No. DS1001CIM
Device Composition Integrative
Operational Platform Embedded TI 6446
Video Compression Format MPEG-4/H.264
Network Transmission TCP/IP
Interfaces RS-485, RS232, RJ45, IO
Storage Front-end SD card/USB hard disk
Cameras 1.7 mm embedded, 2.8/3.6 mm backup optional, resolution 640×480
Device Management Function Embedded web server, USB/network interface data importing and exporting
Adaptable Working Environments. 0-55 ℃, humidity≤95%, without condensation
Synchronization Functions Synchronized with the server
Detected Visitor Flow Speed < 20 m/s
Monitoring Reaction Speed < 1 s
Working Voltage 12 V DC
Working Current 800 mA
Power 8.6 W
Exterior Size Diameter 163 mm , Height 46mm

1. The intelligent people counting device is developed in line with the intelligent video analysis technology.
2. Using the advanced intelligent video analysis algorithm from our own company, it can detect and calculate the number of people in or out of the setting area based on head and shoulder shape via the video to help shop owners get important core metadata. Moreover, it can simultaneously record the information of mass people.
3. With camera and people counting system into one, the intelligent people counting device features elegant appearance and compact design, so it is easy to install.
4. It can conduct a real-time monitoring of the setting area with the aid of the IE or network video monitoring platform so as to gain accurate passenger flow information. And there are 2 counting ways with the counting accuracy more than 95% under standard situations.
5. Furthermore, along with back-end Wisecount web traffic analysis software, this product is able to provide hourly, daily, monthly, yearly passenger flow report via IE.
6. With the standard SDK interface protocol, the data can be collected via RJ45, R232/485 interface for back-end analysis. And the professional back-end analysis software is optional.
7. Since the product has synchronized time with the server, the query is made more convenient and accurate.
8. Our product can be directly upgraded via the network, so it is easy and convenient to maintain.

Our intelligent people counting device is ideally suitable for real-time statistical analysis of passenger flow at the places such as malls, supermarkets, exclusive shops, train stations, airports, wharfs, passenger transport hubs, museums, convention centers, KTV and so on.

As a China intelligent people counting device manufacturer, at FIRS Technologies (Shenzhen) we also offer dynamic face capture device, driver fatigue analysis alarm device, anti sleep driving alarm, and more.

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