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  • Face Recognition Time Attendance SystemThe face recognition time attendance system uses our own patented and advanced facial image +V4.0 recognition algorithm for fast operation speed and user's security.
    It features high recognition accuracy and fast speed with the recognition rate more than 99 %, false acceptance rate (FAR) less than 0.1% and recognition speed lower than1s.
    This product has excellent light adaptability. The intelligent self-learning function makes it free of the influences of glasses, hair style, age, and other small changes of face.
  • Face Recognition Time Attendance MachineOur face recognition time attendance machine comes with a voice reminder for each operation steps and built-in face monitor software for local and remote video monitoring. Furthermore, it also supports embedded web server and standard attendance management software produced by our own company.
    User-friendly, this product uses the patent non-visible auxiliary light. Meanwhile, the exclusive and advanced facial image +V4.0 recognition algorithm is employed to ensure operation speed and users' security.
  • Face Recognition Time Attendance TerminalOur face recognition time attendance terminal supports multiple identification methods.
    The adoption of the powerful SDK allows two-way data interaction and auto uploading function.
    Supporting the GPRS data transmission, this product has optional TCP/IP, USB communication interfaces for multi applications.
    Its embedded face monitor software allows for on-site and remote (optional) video monitoring.
    This product is fitted with a buzzer, body sensor and anti-disassembly security alarm.
  • Face Recognition Reader The face recognition reader uses the exclusive and advanced facial image +V4.0 recognition algorithm of our own company to ensure operation speed and users'safety.
    It has high recognition accuracy and fast speed with the recognition rate ≥99.9, false acceptance rate (FAR) ≤0.01% and recognition speed ≤1s. Meanwhile, its LFM function can make recognition speed faster and accuracy higher. This product also possesses excellent light adaptability which makes itself free from any influence of glasses, hair style, age, and other small changes of face.
  • Facial Recognition Access Control System Facial recognition access control system features excellent light adaptability. It can intelligently adapt to different working conditions without being disturbed by factors, like glasses, hair style, age, or other small changes of face. Besides, it also has high recognition accuracy and speed with the recognition rate ≥99.9%, false acceptance rate (FAR) ≤0.01% and recognition speed ≤1s. And its LFM function is capable of making recognition speed much faster and accuracy higher.
    The maximum access control capacity is 500 users for A5 1 N and 1000 users for A10 1 N.
  • Portable Facial Recognition Terminal The portable facial recognition terminal is developed based on IOT sensor concept. Adopting high integrated processor, it achieves quick and accurate recognition and supports different templates. The product is commonly used in the ID recognition applications where need portable office. With strong environment adaptability, it will not be affected by the user height, appearance, location or management model, becoming a rising star of ID validation terminal in the market.
  • Facial Recognition Door LockThe facial recognition door lock adopts the newest face recognition algorithm to make your home safe.
    It supports multi-method for door open, which can effectively get rid of key mess.
    The touch-screen menu makes the operation easy and convenient.
    With the elegant appearance, this product is ideally suited for doors of different styles.
    The virtual password design can well prevent your passwords from leakage.
    The highly safe performances make our product free from technology lock remover.
  • Access Control Face Reader The product supports RS232 communication interface, USB interface for data input, output and communication.
    The separated button for door bell brings simplifies the operation.
    Our access control system works in various combined recognition methods of RFID, password and face.
  • FacePadThis product is mounted with a 7 inches touch screen that combines the face recognition, identity authentication and the information display in one device.
    It offers various options of recognition methods by face, fingerprint and ID card.

The face recognition is a kind of biological recognition technology based on the facial characteristics. It uses the video camera or camera to collect the images or the video stream containing faces and then automatically detect and track these faces. Then, the facial features are extracted out with a series of technologies, including image acquisition (IMAQ), face location, face identification preprocess, storage and comparison to recognize different identities.

The face recognition device we produce encompasses face recognition time attendance system, face recognition reader, facial recognition access control system and other products. Due to their exceptional performance and high quality, these products have won good reputation among our customers around the world.

As a professional face recognition device manufacturer and supplier in China, we also offer intelligent video analysis, intelligent vehicle video information terminal, intelligent vehicle video DVR, and much more.

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