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Access Control Face Reader

This access control face reader is a newly developed product with classical designing style in 2013. Compliant with the Wiegand protocol, it can be matched with any access controller in the market or work as AIO machine as well. Moreover, this access control terminal supports the connection to the external card reader, realizing the client and server communication.

Under the standard TCP/IP communication protocol, this product is available in network connection in the network environment where it is in charge, such as social bank, army, machine room, government, enterprise and others in different security levels. This face biometric terminal is one of the latest quality products in the engineering of access control. Additionally, we are eager to supply the OEM and ODM services.

1.Our access control face reader utilizes new Face Image+ V4.0 recognition algorithm.
2. It is capable of getting the data uploaded and downloaded.
3. The product supports RS232 communication interface, USB interface for data input, output and communication.
4. The separated button for door bell brings simplifies the operation.
5. Our access control system works in various combined recognition methods of RFID, password and face.
6. It offers WG26/34 output for access control.
7. Our access control face reader can record the information of 100 to 400 users optionally, and get 100,000 logs reserved.

System Topologic Diagram

Technical Parameters
Recognition Function Camera Special dual cameras
Recognition Method Face, card + password
Combinations Card+ password +face, card + password, card or face
Maximum Users Standard 200 users (300 or 400 users is optional)
Identification Record Log Capacity 100,000
Inlayed Reader Real-time upload of record
Mifare reader, CPU reader, EM reader Optional
SDK with Data Communication of PC Support
Data Storage USB Host Support
Communication Port Ethernet Support upload and download from the network, applicable for 10/100M
Wiegand input WG26/WG34
Wiegand output WG26/WG34
USB Host Standard USB Host for input and output of records and information of users.
UART0 1pcs, UART(TX, GND, RX), 3.3V TTU electrical level, 115200bps at maximum
Input Power Wide voltage range 8V~18V
Device Management Built-in Administrator Support 10
Storage Capacity Alarm With over 90% storage, the alarm indicator light and the LCD screen will show the information.
License Control Support (internal encoded chip)
Timer Built-in RTC supports SNTP.
Display and Indication LCD Standard TFT, 3.5/2.5inch LCD 320×240
Indicator Light 3pcs, Power(Yellow), Status(Red/Green)
I/O Port Support double input and output
Human-computer Interaction Voice Support TTS acoustic name reading (off by default)
Buzzer Support
PIR Inductive Switch Support (adjustable sensitivity)
Timing Bell Support 5 groups of bells
Characters Input Chinese or English
Attendance Time Interval Support
Auto Sleep Allowable setting of four sleep periods
Door Unlock Time Can be set
Holiday Control Setting of holidays
Language Chinese simplified and traditional, English (other customized languages)
Reset Function Only one hardware reset, system restart
Tamper Switch Support
Feedback Form
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