IP Door Access Controller (Four Readers)

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Technical Specifications of IP Door Access Controller (Four Readers)
Model No. FAC01-IP
Communication Method TCP/IP 10M/100M self-adaption
Function: Manage face recognition, swiping card and out button of one door. Or both in and out
PCB size 160mm (L) ×106mm (W)
Product Size 273mm ×228mm×65mm
Power 12VDC 4-7A
PCB Consumption < 100mA
Card reader output format Standard Wiegand 26bit 34bit (Dial switch convenient setting, default is 26bit)
Reader QTY a couple
Controlled Door output a group
Delay time for door open 1-600 s adjustable
Working Temperature -40 ~ 70 centigrade
Working Humidity 10-90% RH, without condensation
Card enroll number 20,000 users
Off-line record number 100,000 records
Power failure protection Flash memory design, never lost
Max distance between face recognition terminal and access controller 100m, within 80m is suggested
Max distance between two access controller TCP/IP communication method, dependent on networking coverage
Intrusion alarm function Supported

FIRS Technologies (Shenzhen) is a IP door access controller (four readers) manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer a comprehensive range of products, including intelligent low bit rate video encoder, intelligent vehicle video DVR, dynamic face capture device, and more.

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