Facial Recognition Door Lock

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Facial Recognition Door Lock
The facial recognition door lock adopts the newest face recognition algorithm to make your home safe.
It supports multi-method for door open, which can effectively get rid of key mess.
The touch-screen menu makes the operation easy and convenient.
With the elegant appearance, this product is ideally suited for doors of different styles.
The virtual password design can well prevent your passwords from leakage.
The highly safe performances make our product free from technology lock remover.
This facial recognition door lock can automatically lock the door, thus avoiding potential troubles.

FIRS Technologies (Shenzhen) is an experienced facial recognition door lock manufacturer based in China. Our products include portable facial recognition terminal, face recognition time attendance terminal, intelligent vehicle video information terminal, and much more.

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  • Door Access ControllerDoor access controller (FAC) works with face recognition terminal or other equipment supporting standard Wiegand output, like fingerprints, readers, etc. to achieve intelligent access control management.
    Door access controllers of FAC series can be linked together via IP networking to control multiple doors simultaneously in a certain modes, like single door bidirectional access control, two doors bidirectional access control, and four doors one-way access control.
  • Face Recognition Time Attendance SystemThe face recognition time attendance system uses our own patented and advanced facial image +V4.0 recognition algorithm for fast operation speed and user's security.
    It features high recognition accuracy and fast speed with the recognition rate more than 99 %, false acceptance rate (FAR) less than 0.1% and recognition speed lower than1s.
    This product has excellent light adaptability. The intelligent self-learning function makes it free of the influences of glasses, hair style, age, and other small changes of face.