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Face Recognition Reader
Technical Specifications
Model E215 (Enterprise series)
Function Description
CPU TI6446, ARM9 + DSP Dual core
Camera Special Dual-Camera
Authentication Method Face Only, EM/Mifare Card Only, Password + Face, EM/Mifare Card + Face (Card reader optional)
Anger Range > Horizontal, ±20°, Vertical: ±20°
Fitting Height >145-195CM
Working Distance >30-80CM
Record Capacity 2G SD Card (support up to 500,000 records) 32G SD Card optional (10,000,000 records)
I/O (2 input and 2 output) Switch Signal supported
Function Key Max 10 function keys. User Customized
Indicated Light Red (Alarm/Failed), Green (Running / Successful),Yellow ( Power )
Language English, Chinese(Simplified), Chinese(Traditional)
Working Environment Illumination0-20000LUX, Water Proof Class 3, Dust Proof Class 6
Working Humidity 20%~80%
Working Temperature -20~55℃
Dimension 206mm (H)×108mm (W)× 93mm (D)
Installation Wall Mounting

1. The face recognition reader uses the exclusive and advanced facial image +V4.0 recognition algorithm of our own company to ensure operation speed and users'safety.
2. It has high recognition accuracy and fast speed with the recognition rate ≥99.9, false acceptance rate (FAR) ≤0.01% and recognition speed ≤1s. Meanwhile, its LFM function can make recognition speed faster and accuracy higher. This product also possesses excellent light adaptability which makes itself free from any influence of glasses, hair style, age, and other small changes of face.
3. The built-in face monitor software is adopted for local and remote video monitoring.
4. There are also 3 inch TFT touch color screen with 320×240 resolution.
5. Our face recognition reader supports TCP/IP and USB communication interfaces and Wiegand output.
6. It uses our patent user-harmless non-visible auxiliary light.
7. This product can be optionally fitted with built-in web server and standard attendance management software developed by our own company.
8. There is a voice reminder used to inform users of each operation step. And in addition to the body sensor function, this face recognition reader also supports the anti-disassembly security alarm. In the event that data storage surpasses the85%, then the storage alarm light will be activated with the alarm information presented in the LCD.
9. The RTC and network data can realize the synchronous representation.
10. The embedded EM/Mifare card reader is optional. A 2G SD card can store 500,000 records, and the 32G SD card is for option. Furthermore, the identification photo record can also be supported for further checking.
11. The powerful and economical model is suitable for SME with a maximum capacity of (1: N) 500 persons.
12. Our product can work for 24 hours a day without any operational failure. Besides, it is also easy to operate, owing to the humanized interface.
13. SDK can also be supplied to OEM customers and software developers.

Working Principle
The face recognition reader is developed in line with a biological recognition technology which automatically detects or tracks faces of images or a video stream acquired by a video camera or camera with the distinct facial characteristics. And the detect content includes image acquisition (IMAQ), face location, face identification preprocess, storage and comparison to verify difference identities.

Face recognition attendance system is perceived as a key element of attendance management, integrating face recognition and attendance system into one.

The face recognition reader has found extensive applications in enterprises, government departments, schools, hotels, clubs, hospitals, etc.

Face Recognition Time Attendance Software
With the main functions of divisions, working team, attendance scheduling, asking for leave, vacation management and the statistics of attendance record, etc. the face recognition attendance software is applied for management of the staff attendance records.

We are a face recognition reader manufacturer based in China. We offer an extensive line of products, including driving fatigue detection camera, 3D intelligent video analyzer, facial image comparison platform, and much more.

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    The maximum access control capacity is 500 users for A5 1 N and 1000 users for A10 1 N.
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