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The face recognition time attendance system is the integration of face recognition and attendance system. And it has completely replace fingerprint recognition to be the key element of attendance management.

Technical Specifications
Model G1(Genius 1) G3(Genius 3)
Function Description
CPU Sunsang 2440, 400M ARM
Camera Special Dual-Camera
Authentication Method Face Only, Face capture
Angle Range > Horizontal, ±20°, Vertical: ±20°
Fitting height >145-195CM
Working Distance >30-80CM
Record Capacity 200,000 records
Function Key Max: 10 function keys. User Customized
Indicated Light Red (Alarm/Failed), Green (Running / Successful),Yellow ( Power )
I/O (1 input and 1 output) Switch Signal supported
Language English, Chinese(Simplified), Chinese(Traditional)
Working Environment Illumination:0-20000LUX, Water Proof Class 3, Dust Proof Class 6
Working Humidity 20%~80%
Working Temperature -20~45℃
Dimension 132.2mm (H)×122mm(W) ×114mm(D)
Installation Wall Mounting

1. The face recognition time attendance system uses our own patented and advanced facial image +V4.0 recognition algorithm for fast operation speed and user's security.
2. It features high recognition accuracy and fast speed with the recognition rate more than 99 %, false acceptance rate (FAR) less than 0.1% and recognition speed lower than1s.
3. This product has excellent light adaptability. The intelligent self-learning function makes it free of the influences of glasses, hair style, age, and other small changes of face.
4. The 2.8 inch color touch screen is characterized by 320×240 resolution and supports TCP/IP and USB communication interfaces.
5. Furthermore, the economical model is ideal for SME, 1: N (100 users) for G1 model and 1: N (300 users) for G3.
6. The adoption of our patent non-visible auxiliary light does no harm to users.
7. Our face recognition time attendance system comes with easy operation and humanized interface. Besides, it can continuously work around the clock.
8. It supports the embedded web server and the standard attendance management software developed by our own company.
9. As soon as the data storage exceeds 85%, then the alarm light will be triggered with the alarm message shown in the LCD.
10. There is a voice reminder for each operation step.
11. The RTC and network data can realize synchronous display.
12. This product has a body sensor function and supports the anti-assembly security alarm.
13. We also supply SDK products for OEM customers and software developers.

The face recognition time attendance system by now has found extensive applications in enterprises, government departments, schools, hotels, clubs, hospitals, etc.

Working Principle
The face recognition is a biological recognition technology which uses a video camera or camera to capture images or video streams with faces. And then these faces are detected and tracked via relative technologies in terms of image acquisition (IMAQ), face location, face identification preprocess, storage and comparison to verify a variety of identities.

Face Recognition Time Attendance Software
Face recognition time attendance software is used for management of the staff attendance records with the main functions of divisions, working team, attendance scheduling, asking for leave, vacation management and the statistics of attendance record, etc.

FIRS Technologies (Shenzhen) is a specialized face recognition time attendance system manufacturer and supplier in China. Our company offers a vast range of products, including face recognition time attendance machine, face recognition time attendance terminal, and dynamic face capture device, among others.

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Other Products
  • Face Recognition Time Attendance MachineOur face recognition time attendance machine comes with a voice reminder for each operation steps and built-in face monitor software for local and remote video monitoring. Furthermore, it also supports embedded web server and standard attendance management software produced by our own company.
    User-friendly, this product uses the patent non-visible auxiliary light. Meanwhile, the exclusive and advanced facial image +V4.0 recognition algorithm is employed to ensure operation speed and users' security.
  • Face Recognition Time Attendance TerminalOur face recognition time attendance terminal supports multiple identification methods.
    The adoption of the powerful SDK allows two-way data interaction and auto uploading function.
    Supporting the GPRS data transmission, this product has optional TCP/IP, USB communication interfaces for multi applications.
    Its embedded face monitor software allows for on-site and remote (optional) video monitoring.
    This product is fitted with a buzzer, body sensor and anti-disassembly security alarm.